Adhesives for Do It Yourself

AUTEK Special adhesive for bonding leather, woven, textile between them or on rubber, wood, cork, laminates, foam, paper and cardboard. It is the ideal product for repairing all the objects in leather, to glue rubber soles, to repair upholstery in fabric and leather, cork walls. Excellent for covering, lining and reinforcing with leather and fabric the most diverse surfaces in wood, rubber, foam, cardboard and paper. It is clear and does not stain surfaces.
EKOGUM Adhesive suitable for the bonding of all types of natural or synthetic rubber, even if thermoplastic, between them or on leather, fabric, felt and rigid materials (metal, wood, plastic laminate, glass and concrete). It ‘easy to use because it is not stringing.
EKOVIL Vinyl adhesive formulated with special plasticizers for bonding flexible porous materials. It ‘an indispensable product for the paper industry, bookbinding, furniture and joinery; it is ideal for bonding wood, cork, decorative laminates, paper, cardboard, fabric, felt and leather. After the application the dry film is ​​transparent.
EUROBLOK Structural adhesive for rigid PVC pipes and ABS. Also suitable for gutters, profiles and plates. It allows to obtain a perfect gluing, same as welding, and has exceptional resistance to mechanical stresses, to chemical and atmospheric agents. Transparent in color is ideal for high and low pressure.
MASTIFLEX Transparent adhesive suitable to be painted, excellent for modeling. It bonds perfectly rigid polystyrene, PCV, ABS, SAN, PSB, ASA, Plexiglas, PMMA, celluloid and wood between them or on metal, ceramic, glass, cardboard and plastic laminates. It enables rapid execution of the job without having to wait for the final evaporation of the solvents, it is easy to use because it is not stringing, it is transparent and can be painted.
MASTIFLEX 12 Transparent adhesive, low viscosity, for universal use for home, office and school, it is excellent for gluing paper, cardboard, cloth, cork and leather with each other or on different materials such as wood, masonry, iron and tiles. It ‘very fast, does not string, does not stain and withstands to high temperatures.
MASTIFLEX 27 Universal adhesive that solves the problems of bonding of almost all materials of normal use. It is suitable for paper, cardboard, leather, metal, wood, cloth, porcelain and glass. It ensures clean bonding, without strings and aesthetically perfect.
PLASTEK Special adhesive for flexible and rigid plastics, suitable for plasticized PVC, rigid PVC, synthetic leather in general, vinyl, polyurethane and not foamed polystyrene. The product provides excellent results even on leather, cloth, paper and cardboard. It is transparent, does not leave stains on the plastic, it is non-yellowing and is easy to use because it is not stringing.
PLASTEK 171 Professional, transparent, crystalline adhesive “superstrong”, suitable for wood, metal, leather, carpet, natural and synthetic fabrics, ceramics, plastic laminates, paper, cardboard, synthetic rubber, most plastics, rigid and flexible PVC, ABS, Plexiglas, polyurethanes, even foamed, and methacrylates. It glues quickly and definitively virtually all rigid or flexible materials and is resistant to heat, detergents and weathering.
SUPERMASTEK Universal adhesive, extra clear, with great cohesive force for universal use. Ideal for bonding between them, or on hard surfaces, such as wood, metal, glass, chipboard, concrete and other substrates the following materials: plastic laminates, metal, stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, carpet, leather, fabric, rubber natural and synthetic felts, rigid PVC, veneer. It has a strong grip and quick initial strength, ease of application, high yield and excellent resistance to heat, detergents and weathering.
SUPERMASTEK 2000 Universal contact adhesive, yellow, with quick initial setting. Ideal for bonding plastic laminates, wood and stainless steel, wood, veneers, plywood, particleboard, fibrous media in general, metal sheets, concrete, gypsum and masonry. It features high viscosity, high cohesive strength and excellent resistance to heat, detergents and weathering.
SUPERMASTEK GEL Contact universal adhesive in a gel formulation, suitable for bonding many flexible materials with each other or on rigid substrates such as wood, carpet, wall coverings, ceramic, porcelain, metal and metal sheets, glass, rubber, paper, leather, cloth , felt and rigid PVC. It ensures clean bonding on vertical surfaces because it does not drip and does not string, has a strong initial tack and is resistant to high temperatures, detergents and moisture.