Since 1998 we have been producing and experimenting
adhesives in continuous evolution

Our history

  • 1998The birth

    The commitment and the passion of young entrepreneurs create Eurokoll Adesivi Industriali Srl, which with its own brand Mastek® produces and sells industrial Adhesives for the footwear and leather goods, upholstered furniture, boating, wood and DIY sectors.
  • 2002The new company

    The company grows with the inauguration of the new trading company Mastek S.u.r.l. which taking the name of the original brand, has the task of marketing Eurokoll products and at the same time producing water-based adhesives
  • 2010Incorporation

    Incorporation of Eurokoll S.r.l. in Mastek S.u.r.l.
  • 2011Veneto

    Mastek S.u.r.l. inaugurates the new R&D and logistic base plant in Veneto, to better serve the customer through a capillary coverage of the territory
  • 2011The certifications

    Mastek S.u.r.l. obtains the certification of the Quality and Environment Systems according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standards.
  • 2013Solvent management

    The new automatic solvent management system is started up
  • 2013Construction

    The new AdeSilCo® line of waterproofing products for construction is created
  • 2014Tuscany

    Mastek S.u.r.l. acquires the company Smart S.r.l. distributor active in Tuscany in the footwear sector
  • 2016A new factory

    Mastek S.u.r.l. acquires a new 1000 sqm plant in Casarano (Le)
  • 2017FIXEKÓ®

    The FIXEKÓ® water-based product line is introduced and the related trademark is registered
  • 2018Albania

    Mastek S.u.r.l. constitutes a logistic base in Albania in order to distribute its products directly on the Albanian territory
  • 2020Industry 4.0

    Mastek S.u.r.l. automates production plants and adapts them to the most modern technologies of industry 4.0
  • 2022Smart factory

    Mastek S.u.r.l. starts the Smart Mastek System project, that is the intelligent factory. Through process innovation, total production eco-sustainability will be guaranteed.

Eco-sustainability objective

Since the establishment, we have had a clear goal of orienting ourselves towards eco-sustainable models. We strongly believe that the future of innovation necessarily passes from the Green economy. For this reason, our Innovation & Competitiveness Business Unit, made up of chemical and technical experts, has created the FIXEKÓ® water-based adhesives line in our R&D laboratories, created to limit the use of solvents and therefore reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

The line of ecological adhesives is appreciated by important brands of footwear, leather goods, upholstered furniture, nautical and automotive. We empower our customers to design environmentally friendly products.

Our Green commitment has not been limited to creating eco-friendly products, but we have created a production process that minimizes CO2 emissions, using self-produced energy from renewable sources and optimizing the logistics system.

For the future we have many projects, we are carrying out the project of an intelligent factory following the Industry 4.0 paradigm. In fact, through process innovation we will guarantee total production eco-sustainability.

Our numbers

Casarano Plant

Pianezze San Lorenzo Plant